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5 Ways to Enjoy Life and Entrepreneurship


One element of entrepreneurship that is no secret, is commitment. Entrepreneurship requires a very deep level of commitment and dedication. The thing with entrepreneurship is that it is the journey of you building your own dream. One thing that we definitely have to remember though, is how to maintain life and build a successful business. Although it requires an investment of everything that we have, we have to figure out diverse ways to balance it all. If we are working for our families then we have to allow room to enjoy the fruits of our labor with that same family. Here are five ways to stay balanced and enjoy life while also furthering your journey as an entrepreneur.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a terrific way to reset our minds, hearts, and energy. Some days can be different from others, and when we are having one of those different days, we can do a quick 5-to-10-minute meditation to help bring us back focused. A simple mantra of who we are doing it for, or a repetitive chat of our goals can help remind us of our why.

2. Spa or Gym

Sometimes our bodies need a way to release all of the tension and stress that it incurs while working day after day to fulfill our visions. Finding time to head to the spa or the gym can not only improve your mental health but can be beneficial to your physical health as well! Even a 30–45-minute massage (although I personally recommend at least an hour), or a 30–60-minute workout can stimulate the blood flow throughout your body, and aid in the release of both toxins and tension.

3. Outings With Family and/or Friends

The best part about spending time with our family and friends is that they can serve as a reminder of your “WHY.” Your “WHY” is the purpose behind your commitment. Being able to laugh, dance, have a picnic at the park or beach, do karaoke, go swimming, or even a simple nature walk, can all be great ways of staying connected to the ones your care about the most. There is also nothing wrong with the evening together by sitting around and watching movies either!

4. Creative Hobbies

The best part about having a hobby is that there is never just one specific way to enjoy things. Some great hobbies to try are painting, writing, cooking, dancing, and even singing. Tapping into that creative flow can exercise the parts of our brains that we sometimes get comfortable not using when we have to routinely be logical and repetitive. Finding a way to creatively express yourself can be the break and outlet that you need, in order to return to a refreshed and re-energized state.

5. Traveling

If all else fails, there is nothing like a vacation (or a staycation) to serve as the perfect moment of detachment! Plane, train, bus, or road trip… either way, pack those necessities and enjoy some time away from reality.

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